Hormonal Imbalances



Saliva Hormone Testing

Various types of hormones can be tested accurately in saliva. Dr. Vitko has many years of experience interpreting female reproductive hormones with the goal of helping alleviate adverse symptoms of menopause, premenstrual syndrome, PCOS, and others. A typical test for menopausal symptoms includes the following hormones: DHEA, testosterone, estrone, estradiol, estriol, and progesterone. Other saliva tests are aimed at adrenal gland dysfunctions, food allergies, intestinal disorders, and intestinal parasites. Dr. Vitko has used DiagnosTechs laboratory for many years and considers them the top in their field. Please visit their website for lots of useful information by clicking on their name here or go to links tab.

Traditional Laboratory Testing

Utilizing Labcorp Laboratories any hormonal area can be explored. All to commanly today not enough tests are done to accurately determine endocrine problems. As an example; your doctor may only look at TSH to determine a thyroid condition. To accurately understand a thyroid problem a free T4, free T3, and possibly a TPO antibody test should be run.It is insurance driven to keep costs down. Dr. Vitko orders laboratory testsĀ at affordable fees. Please visit the LabCorp website by clicking on their name or on the links page.


Any recommendations are to help restore the bodys own natural balance. This may include Chiropractic, nutritional, dietary, lifestyle, herbal, or bioidentical sublingual hormonal therapies.

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