Nutritional and Herbal Supplements


Dr. Vitko recommends and carries predominantly Standard Process whole food   supplements. They are a very unique company founded by Dr. Royal Lee. Standard SP11Process has a large organic farm in Wisconsin and utilizes the foods they produce in their supplements. Please visit their site listed in the Links tab or click on their name above.

Dr. Vitko is not a vitamin salesman.  Standard Process products are only sold through healthcare practitioners who have examined the patient and provide care to them.They have many unique products that have withstood the test of time in Dr. Vitko’s practice.


He also recommends herbal products from an Australian manufacturer, Mediherb. Mediherb was founded by Kerry Bone. He is a practicing herbalist and has authored Mediherb Logomany textbooks on herbology. Herbal products are tightly regulated in Australia and the quality of Mediherb’s products are hard to match.

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